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The ire of the Tiger

2008-11-27 14:38:17

No boy has ever received more slaps from jealous Ghanamen than handsome moi. As a good looking boy growing up, intelligent, smart and athletically gifted; making friends come easy. Women also desire my company for obvious reasons, but naivety and lack of womanizing is my Waterloo. Some opportunistic Ghanamen, especially those close to me used that to their advantage by using me as their betweener. Yes, that?s when all my troubles started as a kid.

First some NCO's at the Galloway Police Training Depot in Koforidua sought to destroy me. My charge: The go-between their wives and some wife-banging recruits. One such recruit, the son of a former cop was kidnapped at night and beaten to pulp. He begged me never to tell anyone and asked for financial assistance from the woman who is the cause of his near death experience. Guess who has to relay that message.

There was another such case between the Police Bugler at the Central Police Station, also in Koforidua. He chased me for over an hour; through the Anglican Middle School (where my soccer enemies abound) and the downtown core before ending back at home. Again playing betweener for his wife was the charge. He even went further to solicit for signatures to have me expelled from the Station.

Back in Takoradi things just got worse. I was by then called the prettiest teenager alive, so imagine who woman swooned around me. Two such women caused me the greatest grief in me young and handsome life. The husband of the teacher who frequently asks me to assist her in marking students? exams and the married pub owner downstairs. I was accused even by friends for banging this beautiful 40-year-old woman. I escaped the wrath since her husband was based in Tema.

The married teacher's husband got a hint from a jealous man who takes his anger out on me when prevented from watching television of his famous Hearts of Oak due to the marking of exams at the time. The husband one day accused me of theft and gave me several dirty slaps. Being the one who signs the man's cheques and withdraws money from his bank account due to illiteracy, wouldn't it have been better to add figures to the cheques and keep the amount? But lo, they told him a 16-year-old kwata was banging his beautiful 32-year-old teacher, thus the anger and trump up charges.

I am always being seduced my women, be them single or girlfriends and or wives of friends. The jealousy I get from the Ghanaman is mostly due to this. The Ghanawoman for some reason is just crazy about half and kwata-castes. Why oh why?

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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