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Richard Nii Amarh
2008-11-27 13:15:48

Can he be trusted with the nation?s resources?


That got missing from Afrifa?s London account in 1979

The New Patriotic Party?s presidential candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo cannot be trusted with Ghana?s resources. At lest that is what has been revealed by the disappearance of over ₤376,000 from the late General Afrifa?s account with the Barclays Bank Limited, 119 Waterloo Road, London, S.E.1.

The disappearance of the funds from the account resulted in a writ that was filed against Nana Akufo- Addo and Kojo Nyantekyi in the High Court of Justice, Queen?s Division in 1979.The writ-1979-A-No.2837 was issued after the death of General Afrifa and amended on 14th.Sspember, 1979 on behalf of Mrs. Christine Afrifa, the widow, by Messrs. Lewis, Lewis &Co; a Street Fleet-based London law firm.

According to the amended statement of claim, ?The Deceased had until the events hereinafter pleaded upwards of ₤376,000 deposited in his own name at Barclays Bank Limited, 119 2Waterloo Road, London, and S.E.1.? Mrs. Afrifa averred that ?By a power of Attorney dated 10th January, 1979, the Deceased appointed Kojo Owusu Nyantekyi to be his Attorney in accordance with section 10 of the Powers of Attorney Act 1971.

The writ further indicates that ?Under the Power, the second defendant on or about the 24th January, 1979, requested and/or authorized the Barclays Bank Limited in writing signed by him to transfer the net balance of the money being ₤376,513.02 to the non-resident clients account of Messrs Lewis, Lewis & Co; and the Bank duly complied with that instruction on that same date.?

According to Mrs. Afrifa?s writ, ?On the 29th January, 1979, the second defendant under the Power required the said Messrs, Lewis, Lewis &Co; to pay out the sum of ₤250,000? into the account of Nana Akufo-Addo and/or Nyantekyi ?at the National Westminster Bank Limited and such payment was duly made by the second Defendant being a cheque for that amount made payable to the National Westminster Bank Limited.? The balance was subsequently paid on the orders of the co-accused, Nana Akufo-Addo and Kojo Owusu Nyantekyi.

Mrs. Christine Afrifa further claimed by the writ that ?The Defendants deny that that they are liable to account to the Plaintiff as the personal representative as aforesaid for the money or any part thereof or for their dealings with the same or to repay the same or any part thereof to the Plaintiff.?

The reliefs that were sought by Mrs. Afrifa by the writ included ?A declaration that the Defendants are liable to the Plaintiff for the money and all the dealings by them with the same; all necessary accounts, inquiries and directions; payment of the money; interest; costs and further or other reliefs.

In their statement of defence filed on their behalf by Messrs. Beaument & Son of 1-2 New Street, London, E.C.2N 4TN, Nana Akufo-Addo and Nyantekyi claimed that ?Gen. Afrifa was never beneficially entitled to the monies deposited in his name or in any other name at the Barclays Bank Ltd; Waterloo Road, London, S.E.1.?

The bank statements that were attached to the writ, however, indicated that the account was opened and operated by Gen. Afrifa. However, being a non-resident, all his cheques drawn on the account were initialed by the second accused via ?Re Nyantekyi.?

Contacts made with people who have known about the case over the past nearly three decades indicate that Mrs. Afrifa was robbed of part of her estate by the two then accused persons. Mrs. Afrifa was however compelled by increasing legal costs to give up on the quest to retrieve the over ₤376,000 from Nana Akufo-Addo and Kojo Owusu Nyantekyi.

The question now is this: Can Nana Akufo-Addo who denied a ?loyal? friend?s wife of what she considered as part of her late husband?s estate be trusted with the nation?s resources?

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