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2008-11-27 12:14:13

Ladies and gentlemen, when you see a bat flying in the daytime you know that something is not right.

When you see fish wriggling on a coastline you understand that most likely, it's natural habitat has been violated.

The huge crowd Nana drew in Ho yesterday simply buttresses the point many people have been making that Nana's crowds are not real crowds.

It is being reported that Nana has drawn a huge crowd in Ho.

Ladies and gentlemen, NPP may draw a legitimate crowd in the Volta Region BUT IT NOT THE NPP OF 2008 LED BY A COCAINE ADDICT!!!

NPP may draw an enquiring and sympathetic crowd at Ho at some point BUT IT IS NOT THIS PRESENT BUNCH OF CRIMINALS AND COCAINE DEALERS which is what NPP is made up of!!

NPP may draw genuine crowds in the Volta Region but it is not these world-famous corrupted NPP leaders who every Ghanaian now believes simply came into office to fill their own pockets and those of their families'.

Nana Addo's Ho rally simply confirms what we have been saying for a long time since Kasoa, that Nana Addo's campaign is a campaign of form, not of substance!!

Floods of posters, cash, noise, T-shirts, lies, empty promises and slogans!!

$1 billion here, $1 billion there and $1 billion everywhere!! Money, money, money!!

No depth, no reality, no substance, no honesty, no sincerity and no shame!!

If crowds are anything to go by then NPP will win Volta region!!

Tell me which political pundit in this world believes that NPP will win Volta region? Yes I heard that from Martians!!

There you go!!

Voltal Region has just answered the rally question and vindicated the point that Nana Addo's campaign is a campaign of fantansy!!!

Poor people like freebies!! NPP plays the game for poor people!! It is a T-shirt crowd. It has been a T-shirt crowd since Kasoa!!

And since Kasoa nothing has changed. NPP hasn't changed one mind about how insensitive they are to the plight of the poor!!

After NPP wins Volta Region come talk to me!!!

You think Ghanaians are fools?

This is not 1966.

We are 2008!!

There is CNN in Ghana!!


[This is an authentic posting from ZEO (Registered User)]
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