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Are Ghanaians in the Diaspora cowards and shameful

2008-11-27 10:56:19

Comrade abaa whole heartedly believes so. The comrade though very thoughtful and shows on sober days signs of wisdom, is wrong on this score.

In the course of evolution, the whale was once a mammal on land. When conditions on land became threatening it sought survival and triumph in water. Our comrade would consider the whale a coward for fleeing into water.

When I see a multitude of Ghanaians at occasions here, I always remark that the government of Ghana does not feel the absence of most of them. Their absence has minimized the burden their presence would have placed on the inadequate facilities in Ghana. Most of them send funds to shore up the precarious foreign exchange position in Ghana. Many of them are giving the best education to their children and grand children overseas without siphoning funds from Ghana as those who reside in Ghana and educate their children outside routinely do.

Comrade abaa, like the turtle, you have managed to grow shells on the lower and upper parts of your body to survive in Ghana. You have thus become a lethargic creature. Enjoy your slow moving style by all means. You need not disparage the whales among us.

[This is an authentic posting from Bikome (Registered User)]
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