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What Is Your Opion; It Does Matter

Just To Mention
2008-11-27 09:09:38

Author: JW (registered user) Date: 11-25-2008 09:27

Africa is a basket case, so let's talk about blacks in developed or emerging economic countries: Canada, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand, Continental Europe, Brazil and even The Caribbean. Compared to natives of above countries and immigrants blacks tend to inhabit the least developed neighbourhoods and make the least amount of money. In a recent Canadian survey, the author states: The lighter your skin colour, the more money you make despite education or qualifications. He even cited an example in which South Asians make less than their Far Eastern continental pals; likewise, Arabs also make more money than their dark-skin neighbours. Blacks only surpass first generation Filipinos. The article clearly states racism and prejudice by Massa, but cited too that Chinese, Japanese and Koreans based on skin pigmentation make equally as much as whites. So my question is: Do the light-skin elite bring more to the table in terms of productivity than dark-skin persons?
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