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For All Those Who ordered Elephant Soup..

2008-11-27 09:01:04

...on Dec 8, It has been brought to my notice that due to the high demand for grilled Elephant Meat on the day, we may have to do just with some slightly fried Elephant Meat as well.

There is also serious shortage of the special delicacy of the Tail. This is due to the fact that Ghanaians have decided to drag the Elephant by the tail into the Bush before its killed and its most prized tail is sure to be a trophy to whoever lays its hands on it.

Meanwhile the dishes available include Omo-Tu and Elephant -Green-Greens, Tuo-Zafi and Frid Elephant Meat; Amankeni Fufu and Grilled Elephant Balls; Banku and Grilled Elephant Intestines; Eba and Okro-Soup with smoked Elephant Trunks; Ampesi, Kontomire Stew with Smoked Elephant Meat. "'Okpo-Latsa"' with Groundnut Soup and Grilled Elepant Ears.

Not to leave the Vegetarians out we would also be serving Elephant Peas and Rice!

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