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Elections in Ghana ? A mere Football Game?

Selassie Ameko
2008-11-27 08:37:16

Some like Sophism argue that the NDC is not doing enough to make themselves electable. In other words, should the NPP carry the day come 7th December 2008, it will not be because the NPP won it but because the NDC lost it.

Others like Bishop Dela, thinks the problem rather has to do with Ghanaians, who he has described as jokers for considering to vote for a narco-tainted party like the NPP.

They both have a point.

But for me, ?Aluguntugu?, this is my opinion on how Ghanaians view the coming elections.

As far as majority of Ghanaians are concerned, the December 7th elections will be no different from a game of soccer they go to watch on a hot Sunday afternoon between Accra Hearts of Oaks and Kumasi Asante Kotoko.

You can say whatever you like about the coaches and players of each team. The supporters will say,

?Mmmmm?, ?Hahhhh?, ?Ohhhhhhh? and what other exclamations they can think of. They will still support their favourite team.

The majority of people don?t really understand the issues at stake in order to judge political parties and flagbearers on these terms. Some may understand the issues but they don?t give a hoot about them. They will simply vote along tribal lines or for some other reasons totally irrelevant to the important political, social and economic issues.

So just like how Hearts or Kotoko supporters will rejoice when their team wins a football match, the same way NPP or NDC supporters will rejoice should their party win the election.

And just as how the football supporters will be aware that the result of a football match will not put food on their tables at home, but they still support the winner or loser, so it is with political party supporters in Ghana.

The results of the recent elections in the United States shows how people in that country took into account the important issues affecting their personal lives and the standing of their country in the world.

The result was that the color of the winner did not matter and Barack Obama won.
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