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2008-11-27 08:00:27


Nduom should position himself, and the CPP party to compete with NPP in 2012 if the NDC loses the forthcoming election in December. This will ensure that there are at least two strong, winnable, and dominant parties in our political system. I have often asked friends why Dr. Kwesi Botchwey didn?t use his resources to rejuvenate the CPP party in 2004, instead of using them to vie for the NDC presidential slot. As Botchwey learned in a hard way, NDC present constitution confers too much power on the founder that it is difficult to become a flag bearer of the party without the blessing of Mr. Rawlings.

I have discussed the problems that NDC faces in winning election in Ghana in my earlier postings, and I will not rehash them here. The NPP may win the election by default: they may win not because Ghanaians are satisfied with their performance, but because Ghanaians may not like the alternative. Ghanaians are willing to change governments, but have limited choices. When you talk to people about the election, they express their frustration with the NPP government, but then say, ?But NDC ?, Hmmm!? It is this ?Hmmm? the NDC party has not been successful in addressing.

Before the PNDC government that birthed the NDC came to power, Ghanaians knew about two political parties: UP and CPP. Many Ghanaians, especially the old ones, could relate well to these two parties. The problem the CPP has now is that the NDC has siphoned all the CPP members, living a skeleton of its membership; thus reducing the party?s chances of ever becoming a major opposition party, or winning an election in Ghana. The only way the CPP can win a general election, or become a major opposition party is to make a solid case to some of the former CPP members in the NDC that they stand a better chance to win the next election under the banner of the CPP.

First, Nduom should start a serious discussion with people like Drs. Duffour, Obed Asamoah, Kwesi Botctwey, and other CPP influential members at home and abroad to design a long-term strategy to bring the old CPP people together. They need to have a cadre of party members who are willing to devote all their activities to the work of the party. They can start by recruiting some of the young members in the party to collect information from the various communities: urban, rural, churches, mosques, market, schools, artisans, drivers unions, and other communities. They should go to the universities to recruit the young ones and educate them about what their party stand for. They should convince them with new and inspiring ideas that appeal to them. Then send them to their communities as disciples with the more convincing messages; messages of hope that address the people?s needs. There are so many communities in Ghana, but someone has to build strong relationships with them to transform them to support political actions.

The objective of this intensive information gathering efforts will be to identify the issues and concerns that affect these communities. They should identify the leaders in these communities, and open lines of communication with them; paying attention to their beliefs, needs, and concerns. They should also find issues that are of interest to these communities, and organize them around those issues. In this endeavor, they should not take any criticism as negative, but as opportunity to address the concerns of even their archenemies. Allowing people to have their say, and later presenting them with more convincing ones is the key to bringing people of diverse background together.

They should begin to tell stories that can appeal to Ghanaian voters. As Roger Schank once said, ?Humans are not ideally set up to understand logic; they are ideally set up to understand stories.? It is not enough to talk about the $50 million spent on the golden jubilee, but to tell stories about how many lives could have been saved with that amount of money: by providing vaccinations to children, saving the lives of pregnant women, and drilling boreholes in the rural areas. They should not only provide the facts against their opponents in context, but also to deliver them with emotional impact. Further, they have to use the internet to connect with CPP members abroad and home, and explore the possibility of raising funds both at home and from abroad

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