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It will serve JAK no good going to court

John Kofi
2008-11-27 06:53:35

Would the court start hearing evidence before the elections? Going to court will serve JAK no good at this time. A lot of filth could be replayed. For example many of his lies throughout his eight years in office could be brought up in court to indicate that he is lying in the current Oil case and that will do him in. Would he be able to answer questions such as: 1) What was the relationship between you and Gisselle? 2) Have you ever had sex outside marriage since assuming the Presidency of the Republic of Ghana? 3) How children do you have (genetically) 4) How often do you get drunk on official duties?

The above are few of the questions that have his image tarnished and credilibity questioned even before the facts of the case are laid bare.
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