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Paapa Yaw Johnson is dead!

NPP propaganda video
2008-11-27 06:41:10

Oh , NPP and Propaganda !

Never did we know that NPP is also a "Bukata" Kalabule party, until we realized that it has nothing worthy to offer, but acts like the same old useless political parties on the Ghanaian terrain since the country attained its independence.

We know this sort of propaganda already from the Socialist Nationalist Gen.Kutu Acheampong.

For frivolous political reasons by certain opportunistic and egoistic elements within the Ghanaian society, the once a very proud great nation has deliberately been made to transform from its main roots of "MOTHERLAND" to a "FATHERLAND" only to suit the whims and caprices of just some few people and their sycophant multitude of followers.

To be precise , there is nothing new under the Universe of the NPP.

Because Gen. Acheampong`s charter of redemption, which states that :

"One-Nation, One People, One common Destiny "

is not alien to Ghanaians under their unitary system, but already known.

However, it is the same old charter of his "so-called" redemption principles, that overthrew Gen.Acheampong and caused his untimely and gruesome death eventually under the hands of His Dictatorship Lord Okumnipa jerry john rawlings.

Gen.Acheampong`s own believes brought him into the bosom hands of his enemies and got him killed.

Can the sheep miscalculate to take the leopard as its brother in the zoo?

Is the NPP really moving forward with these old lines of Propaganda machinery?

What would be the consequence when the hen wrongly decides to play some lovely games with the crocodile in a big river, or in the water lake?

Are Asantefuo and Akanfuo now turning, or transforming to become Ntafuo and Mpepefuo and vice-versa, as Oyokoba Kwasi Bottah has pasted on his website?


Agents of deception, hmmmm..!

Good luck with your Propaganda

They are the same old "Duka da ya"


Most of us Asantefuo haven`t got much to criticize against their newly found love, but we can only stand afar and wish them a happy marriage.

Kwan ten - ten Aware....hmm!

"Se wo ko Aware nso a, busa"

Never on earth would a Lion become a Tiger and vice versa , despite an artificial union which have been organized by the head of the Zoo.

The elephant of the Zoo and its intestate succession law.

Now ,consider the united States of America being a unitary State and all citizens are bound by one common law to recognize and patronize "Same-Sex" or gay marriages.



Click on the arrow to play, and enlarge the video to occupy the full length of your screen with the second button from your right hand side below the tv screen.




This is how they had used the so-called "intestate succession law" to dissuade and kill our innocent fathers and took away their had won properties from them and given to poor.

They had intentionally done this with the intent of creating an egalitarian system, or the so-called equality.

Should Ghana copy so blindly and cut & paste the law from other nations and incorporate it into its statutes without considering the dynamics and the cultural landscape of its own people?

I called it armed robbery with the rawlings -Kufuor law.


Should the majority of the nation have to comply, and subdue to the minority culture?

Is it justified for the wealthy people of a nation in certain tribes to continue to be murdered, and their properties taken away, and transforms the local high courts into cemetery grounds for litigations?

Is such a law also political tool that have been designed with the intent of destroying some section of the Ghanaian society for political gains?

Imagine Nigeria is a Unitary State, and all States within the country are under one unified system to practice Sharia law irrespective of religion, whether Christian, Muslim or Atheist.









Imagine the United States of America being forced under one supreme Constitution to accept the practice of Same Sex or gay marriages.

Legal Analyst Sunny Hostin explains what California's vote on Proposition 8 means to same-sex couples.


Californian voters have chosen to ban same-sex marriage, months after it was legalised by the state's top court.







Now the PART II:

Have a good time with the world of politics.






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