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Frank Ben
2008-11-27 06:19:50

My brother in the US, a seasoned psychologist, has studied our former president JJ and has this to say about him.

He said JJ jump into the political scene with some soldiers calling themselves AFCR in 1979. JJ was the head. According to my brother, today none of the AFRC members is JJ's friend. The he came again in 1988 with new set of soldiers calling themselves PNDC. JJ was the head. Before they shed off the P to become NDC, none of the original PNDC members was there. He hand picked people like PV Obeng, Obed Asamoah, Kwasi Botwe, and the rest to replace the soldiers who helped him to come back to power. Because of his hidden agenda he made sure to sideline these people and bring in entirely new people like Mills, Bagbin, Asaga and others. He knew having stayed with PV and co for a long time, they could have posed a great obstacle to his agenda.

So why is he routing for Atta Mills? Atta Mills believe JJ is campaining for him but he is NOT. He is only measuring his popularity in case what he is planning to do comes true. Why did he want Betty Moulds for vice president? That combination could have made it easier to topple the new NDC administration if they ever came to power. He knew John Mahama is a level headed person and would therefore find it difficult to push his agenda through. Having helped Atta to become the prez, Atta would not police him as the NPP has been doing.

He said all the men of God who are predicting that JJ would preach the word of God are not seeing the signs clearly. He might be leading people but not for a good course. It could be a rebel group. My brother said, if trouble broke out, it is very likely he would choose a very popular journalist and social commetator as his deputy and would personally elinimate that person. All soldiers that would help him to do any nasty thing in Ghana would be replaced by soldiers from a South American country or north African country. When all these come through, he would go the Mugabe way, Castro way or the Ghadaffi way.

He warned, JJ has more under his sleeve than his followers know.
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