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UP Government Stupid mistakes again???

2008-11-27 03:30:46

In 1960-70 the stupid anti Pan African government of the UP called Progress Party led by Dr. Frederick Busia issued the Aliens Compliance Order forcing several West Africans to leave the country. In fact, by both the Independence Constituion and the 1969 constitution, most of the West Africans who were forced to flee the country, were bonafide Ghanaians.

A particular tribe in Ghana made millions from their departure by capturing all properties and monies belonging to the departing aliens mostly Nigerians. (Actually, it was a policy aimed at Nigerians but covered in West African Tones).

Soon after Nigeria became oil rich it also issued a poolicy of deporting West Africans with particular targetting of Ghanaians in 1983-84. Lots of Ghanaians suffered with most loosing their entire lively earnings. Some lost their lives.

called NPP led by the inept John Agyekum Kuffour who has even been Chairman of the ECOWAS twice. The ECOWAS allows free movement of goods, people and services between the treaty countries and what does the JAKASS do?

He is implementing trade rules and regulations that are soley aimed at the genuine Nigerian business man in Ghana, It is frustrating them so much that even the Nigerian parliament has complained bitterly to HE Gen Hamidu and the government of Ghana.

What the NPP government does not realise, is that if Nigeria decides to retaliate, it will harm Ghanaian businesses operating in NIgeria more than the Nigerian businesses operatring in Ghana. The funnny thing is that, The NPP government is encouraging those dubious Nigerians doing 419, cocain and child trafficking free acces to our markets and economy but rather frustratting the genuine Nigerian businessman who wants to register and bring in Oil capital.

The interesting thing following our research is that the Ghanaian businessman going to Nigeria is going to look for money rather than invest whereas the Nigrerian business man coming to Ghana is looking for a place to invest and save his profits rather than repatriate the money.

I hope that Ghanaians will wake up and ensure that yet again, an anti pan African government does not dent our Pan African credentials.

If the NPP hates other West Africans so much, then it should withdraw from the ECOWAS.

[This is an authentic posting from Lebene (Registered User)]
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