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Npp knows very little about Kangaroos

2008-11-27 03:21:57

The above link will send you to a page where you see clearly a Kangaroo in flight,It is nowhere near what our brothers in the Npp portray in their Kangaroo dance.Kangaroos dont dance anyway,but that Npp Kangoroo movement where the Kangaroo is supposed to have ''long hands'' that tower above their heads when they are in motion is neither here nor there.Kangaroos have small fore limbs that cannot stretch above its chest and when in flight those fore limbs which our Npp brothers call hands are tucked below the breast and not in front.Also Kangaroos dont move in a vertical position ,from the picture you see the kangaroo move forward in a horizontal position.

The npp Kanagaroo dance is very ''unkangaroo'' , no wonder the Black stars used it and failed both in the world and Africa cup though they sounded very confident and impressive.Anyone who uses this ''unkangaroo '' characteristics is bound to fail.

As i always say If you wanna copy ,do it right.
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