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NDC can take Ashanti Region?

Asante-ni Ayigbe-ni Bajan
2008-11-27 02:58:57

Zeo, the tribalist, believes in his small mind that his lying and thieving NDC will split the vote in the Ashanti Region.

Isn't it funny?

Dream on, my brother. A man ceases to live when he stops dreaming.

Dreams are good for your mental health, especially for someone like you whose mental well being appears to be so marginal.

So my man, dream on.

I am sorry, though, that on Dec 7th , you may have quite a rude awakening. When you wake up from your dream and find out that you are tied up to a peg and are about to be thrown into a furnace and be smoked.

That is when you would have woken up from your life long dream to the realities of being an NDC goat.
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