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2008-11-18 21:30:25

For fear of their own wretched shadows, the NPP's Akuffo Addo but especially, his running mate Bawumiah, have always found reason to stay away from campaigning in Bawku and other important areas of the Upper East Region.

The closest these two wannabes have so far come, was the recent visit to Bolgatanga by Aliu Mahama and Bawumiah. It's the same campaign trip during which Kofi Ada (a.k.a., Mr. Bulbs), one of the NPP's most senior members from the North, in his trademark problem resolution style, gave another NPP honcho an uppercut. That was a second in a row within the last 6 months.

The NPP is as guilty as sin!


Meantime, a true leader goes everywhere:

' ..... Professor Mills also visited some of the traditional authorities in the region including Naba Martin Abilba III, Paramount Chief of Bolgatanga Traditional Area, Bawku Naba Azoka Abugrago II, Paramount Chief of Bawku Traditional Area and Naba Ibrahim Apakwe-Akutu, Chief of Pusiga. They all prayed for him and wished him successes in all his endeavours ......

' ....... At rally at Pusiga, 22 people announced their defection from the NPP to the NDC explaining that it was only the NDC that could redeem Ghanaians from their sufferings ........'

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