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2008-11-18 17:25:15

The School of Goatology

The School of Goatology once again invites suitably qualified individuals to submit applications to pursue a degree program in Goatology, for the new academic year.

You are encouraged to use this opportunity to become a professionally qualified Goat, fresh and ready to be smoked by December.


Applications will normally be considered in light of a candidate's ability to meet the following criteria: (If not already a graduate of the school of baboonology)

1. Candidates should be black Africans originally of Ghanaian nationality.

2. Candidates should be resident outside of Ghana for no less than the past five (5) years. (Special consideration will be given to applicants who left Ghana and illegally entered their current country of residence.)

3. Candidates should belong to a Ghanaian tribe and must practise tribalism.

4. Candidates should support only one (1) Ghanaian political party and must practice hatred of their fellow citizens who belong to other political parties.

5. Candidates should claim to be socialist / Marxist sympathizers whilst at the same time running to western capitalist countries to take up menial jobs whilst their comrade brothers in Russia and Cuba were welcoming them with open arms.

6. Candidates should have a strong belief in fetish gods such as antoa nyama.

7. Candidates should accuse anybody who is more successful than them of using sika aduro .

8. Candidates should believe that expressing public unjustified hatred of President Kufuor is more important than contributing to the future development of Ghana.

9. Candidates should believe that President Kufuor is indebted to a Kuwaiti oil company to the tune of $5 Billion Dollars, with the only evidence being hearsay evidence.

10. Candidates should believe that Kufuor and the NPP are personally responsible for anybody that dies whilst they are in power, and at the same time not hold NDC and Jerry Rawlings personally responsible for up to 2000 people slaughtered in the 1994 ?Guinea Fowl War? in Northern Ghana

11. Candidates should believe that spreading lies about Nana Akuffo Addo being a drug taker is better election strategy than talking about what your candidate has to offer Ghana.

12. Candidates should believe that it makes perfect sense for a presidential candidate to hide in the office doing ?administrative duties? whilst his opponents are out there speaking to the masses.

13. Candidates should believe that President Kufuor used tax payers money to renovate his private residence with an Olympic sized indoor swimming pool .

14. Candidates should believe that having more than one toilet in your house equates to you being an international drug dealer.

15. Candidates should be ready to claim that the NPP plan to kick out all non-Akans out of Ghana with no evidence whatsoever.

16. Candidates should be driven by greed, deceit, lies, ignorance, hatred, backwardness and stupidity.

17. Candidates should believe in the validity of fake pollsters with fake names, assigned to fake companies that don?t even exist.

18. Candidates should be blissfully unaware that all their previous efforts to slander Nana Akuffo Addo with lies have failed miserably, but should demonstrate the willingness to keep trying. (Albert Einstein, who was not a Goat, defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".)

20. Candidates should be completely unaware that what goes around comes around. All Goats will eventually reap what they sow.



? The Palaver, Enquirer,

? Alice in wonderland, Das Kapital (the children version complete with pictures)

? Radio Gold



Students of the School of Goatology are expected to maintain the following appearance at all times for the duration of their studies, whether on or off of campus:



Applications should be submitted to:

Prince Kassim Policy & Strategy Associates Inc.

Fantasy Street London UK


TUITION FEE Free! ... Because the price of stupidity is beyond measure.

Hurry and enroll now, Once Qualified you will graduate to become not just an already Goat but a smoked one

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