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Rt Rev BBK says to Azar: YES WE CAN

Rt Rev BBK
2008-11-18 13:56:28

Whilst campaigning in Upper West (Nii Addotey got that right), Kwaku Azar and his horde of NPP mouth dancers asked " SHOULD WE GIVE CREDIT TO BBK"? I SAY TO THEM YES WE CAN!

Prof Mills has turned the December Campaign into one that has confounded the rampaging elephants, who believed earlier that with their accrued corruption money, drug money, stolen money, blood money,recycled old cedi money,rosa whitaker group foreign money, presidential special initiative money(psi), alan cash money, osafo marfo finance/education ministry 10% money, barber salon money, "ifc" money, chinese money, election 2008 was going to be easy walk for them!

JJR is playing the role carved out for the Founder perfectly with nothing to give BOOM lovers to talk about, campaigning tirelessly in key areas.

John Mahama oiling the campaign and wowing voters in Obamaesque style.

Even doves refuse to leave the side of the man of peace as they recognized him as having the same fine peaceful nature. Imagine how doves will quickly fly away and abandon Kufuor/Nana and NPP for fear of their lives if brought near them. Remember the slaughter of animals and purification rites Kufuor undertook at Eyadema's? Doves would not like to be sacrificed!

And even the 'Easy Pass' woman Frances Assiam has finally shown her true evil nature and thereby set NDC free.

YES NDC is winning big time in 2008 and there is no need to tell Kwaku Azar and company. They know it already!

December 7 is looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomiiiiiiing Largggggge! Prepare for NPP's final defeat as you welcome NDC's VICTORY!

[This is an authentic posting from Rt Rev BBK (Registered User)]
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Rt Rev BBK
11-18 14:38
Fri ha ko, Fri Me Fie Ko.
11-18 14:15
Rt Rev BBK
11-18 17:06
feel good
11-19 00:42