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Yum Yum's 419

2008-11-18 11:37:46

Greetings!!!Confirm Your Draft( From: Haslow, Shirley J (LRC470@CLCILLINOIS.EDU) You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe Sent: Tue 11/18/08 2:34 AM To:

Greetings!!!You have a bank draft of $78,000.00 USD,which awaits the outstanding payment of $275 USD before the draft will be delivered to you.Contact the VISUAL DISPATCH courier company for claims with your information.Contact person Mr.West Fasa,Email:visualdispatch@rogers.comTel;+234-805-390-7951West Africa

[This is an authentic posting from Woleiatse® (Registered User)]
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