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Omatek Computers and Ghana Govt. Launch E-Xpress

2008-11-18 05:52:02

This is a very good thing which Omatek Computers and the government of Ghana have done.

We are moving forward.

Nuff Respect, Bajan.

Omatek Computers, Ghana Gov'T Launch EXpress Plan

By Remmy Nweke

November 05, 2008 ? IDG News Service ?

Omatek Computers Ghana, in conjunction with the Ghana Ministry of Communications, has launched the e-Xpress consumer plan to enable the easy acquisition of PCs, announced Florence Seriki, Omatek Ventures managing director.

The initiative falls under the umbrella of the Ghana Government Assisted Personal Computer Programme, otherwise known as i-Advance.

E-Xpress comes with a major funding support from partnering banks, which makes it easy for civil servants, corporate executives, organizations, educational institutions, small and medium enterprises, and students to acquire computers through a 12- to 24-month payment plan, Seriki explained.

The collaboration between Omatek's e-Xpress and i-Advance, she added, will help to bridge the digital divide while enhancing IT penetration in the West African country.

The move will also drive e-governance in Ghana and make the country a truly technology-driven society, added Minister of Communications Benjamin Aggrey-Ntim.

The Minister urged civil servants to optimize the use of computers in order to justify the government's expenditure on ICT infrastructure development.

Omatek Ventures, based in Nigeria, is the only company in East, West and Central Africa to produces computers and casings from CKD (complete knock down) components sourced from the top manufacturers, Seriki claimed. This manufacturing process, she said, means that all Omatek computers meet world-class standards and are comparable in quality to any notable foreign brand. Copyright ? 2008 IDG News Service. All rights reserved. IDG News Service is a trademark of International Data Group, Inc.

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