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Obama's mistake Number 2

Henry Bentil
2008-11-18 05:00:48

I know all of you especially the ones who only see history will disagree with me. But Obama's appoinmenet of Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State is his second mistake since winning office. I hope this fine guy really knows what he is doing. He may be undermining his own chance of a second term.

He has already made the mistake. It has been my prediction that Hilary will cause trouble for Obama. She thinks that position is hers by right. She will undermine Obama and if he fires her, it will look different to the public. If Hilary resigns early over a disagreement on policy too, It will look bad for Obama. He should have allowed Hilary to stay in the Senate and become Senate majority leader or something. Hilary still has hots for the presidency. She is still young enough to run in 2012. She wont mind sabotaging Obama. But who am I, people keep ssayig that Obama knows what he is doing.. But so far, I can only see that he knew how to win an election but not how to run a government and send out the right signals.

Where is the change in a Hilary Clinton Secretary of State when she was first lady and had a completely different agenda for her nomination battls.

Obama will soon learn that after winning an election, you dont use office to offer rewards or compensations. That is how corruption and weakness start.

He should ask John Agyekum Kuffour.

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