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2008-11-18 04:49:23

I thought this "profession" was receding into history, but I was wrong. I was aware of sporadic incidents here and there in the Far East, but Somalia has captured the headlines over the last few years with their new national contribution to globalisation - piracy. They attempted to board a passenger ship (I forget from which Western country) about a year ago, and were blown out of the water with sonar, but hey, a man's gotta make a living, and so this organized crime syndicate has persisted, seizing two or three nuns last week, and today, has captured a $100 million oil-tanker.

The pirates stem from a fishing village, Ahole (or something like that), which now boasts mansions, high-end automobiles, technology and sophisticated weapons which enable them to over-power their victims at sea. A handful of well-armed thugs can easily overwhelm a crew of twenty or more. After all, who anticipates their retirement or vacation cruise or tanker to be hijacked by soot-faces? The Somalis average a lucrative $2 million per crime, and apparently use it to uplift Ahole. I am temped to compliment the pirates for at least putting their booty to good use by building infrastructure for their fishing village, Ahole, but my decency and fine upbringing forbid me.

International law against piracy is vague and it is difficult to apprehend criminals from a failed state, and so we may very well see ships taking the long route around the Cape of Good Hope. This will add about three weeks to their trips, which will eventually come out of my innocent pocket because the shipping industry will be forced to pass the additional transport cost to consumers. Damned Negroes from the prototypical African failed state!

PS: Somali seems primed for The Base.

The plight of Africa/ns is permanent!?

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