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jerry springer
2008-11-18 02:16:37

Former resident Rawlings after receiving an award from some admiring Nigerian students decided to give them a casual gist on what his opponents have been saying about his yoor ke gali days when he was a flight leiutenant.These students were keen on getting to know the man they so admired .

Recounting his experiences as a junior officer, the former President mentioned the now famous yo ke gari crediting story and explained that over time the story had been misrepresented. He went on to explain that the meals he credited were not meant for him as most had been made to believe but rather for junior ranks who could not afford such meals.

The only reason the food was credited, he stated was because he could not carry money on him during his jogging period to avoid wetting the paper money or having coins weigh him down when he jogged. Crediting the gari was simply a very temporary action he took to feed hungry junior ranks who could not afford a basic breakfast right after the early morning exercise.

He lamented that the story was however misinterpreted by many including General Odartey Wellington who may have borne the brunt of the angry junior ranks who felt insulted because the credited meals were actually meant for them.

The former President did lament the loss of Odartey Wellington because he respected him as a fine soldier and cautioned all and sundry included Nana Akufo Addo to desist from ridiculing the yo ke gari crediting episode by their own interpretation.

He wish to put it on record he was not responsible for the death of Odartey Wellington or even responsible for instigating those who committed that dastardly act.

My part of the misguided yoor ke gali story is that how could the son of a merchant shop owner credit yoor ke gali.I knew for sure( my mom told me ) his mom owned a shop at kaneshie roundabout.
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