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A Call To Brother DAWU

Efo Sasraku
2008-11-10 23:51:22


There is a common maxim which goes like this: "Wo di Nwansena akyiri a, wo bore wo kuro mu". (Buga-buga translation: One may end up bruising his/her wound if by anger one tries to smash a housefly.)

On that note, I plead with you on behalf of the good people at the Cyber Bar to step out of the smutty Ring; you are above the rough tackle.

I understand that it is not easy to stand on the sideline and watch another person vilify an entire group of people, but there are times when silence has the louder voice.

Thank you and good night.

Efo Sas

[This is an authentic posting from Efo Sasraku (Registered User)]
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