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2008-11-10 21:43:34

We have a deranged ass among us with the pedigree of dehumanizing carribean plantation slavery. This fella is so pathologically duplicitous, he would give a class of psychiatrists the ultimate laboratory challenge of a lifetime. On every cause, issue, topic, post or thread on SIL, he must be the champion. If his views do not coincide with what other contributors have to say, he feels duty bound to assault them to the point of acquiescence. Either you agree with him or you are a baboon, a black African monkey, or an idiot. Shrieking and moronic descriptions of your mama's private parts are the tools he wields to counter you if you dare have a view different from his.

Folks, it gets worse. He must be the first to have an opinion on every issue. If he is not, he'll disagree virunlently with you, only to turn around to espouse the same views at another time. He must always be in charge, if he's not, everybody in the room is an idiot. If Dawu supports Obama's candidacy, this deranged island Ass will heap insults on Dawu and accuse him of supporting Obama only because he's black. But lo and behold, a few weeks later, the Deranged Island Ass will start a new thread extoling the virtues of Obama and his candidacy, never mind that he was the same person who assaulted Dawu a few weeks earlier for supporting Obama.

This man must always be the center of attention. If anyone else beats him to a post, he goes beserk, foaming at the mouth with so much intolerance and irrational outbursts, I sometimes wonder whether the dehumanizing plantation life of his forebears has anything to do with his current state of instability of mind.

Over the past several years, this Island Ass made a calculated decision to support NDC. To make himself the defacto purveyor of all things pro NDC, he calculated that he must be seen to be anti-asante. Below is a sample of his anti-asante idiotic grandstanding during the last election cycle. This year when he offended a few of us personally with his insults we took him on. He quickly made another calculating diabolical decision that since those pursuing him were Ewes and NDC supporters, his best defence was to profess support for NPP overnight. So he did. Part of his calculation is to engage in the most puerile hurling of abuses at Ewes, counting on akan support; never mind his long record of anti-akan and anti-asante xenophobia.

Why am I writing this post. I am doing so solely to bring your attention to the fact that this Island Ass has no lasting principles. His only principle is himself and he'll do anything that brings attention to himself. He cannot stand to see another person in the limelight. If he has to attack you to derail you, he will; only for him to champion the same cause a few weeks down the road. This Island Ass figured that since politics is what engages our attention on this forum the most, the only way to draw attention to himself is to hijack our political discussions and disagreements and use them to draw attention to himself. That's why he hijacked NDC politics in the first place, which he used to antagonize Akans. For such a person, it was no big deal flipping on a dime to profess support for NPP, sing the virtues of NPP and ingratiate himself with Akans; a group he had hitherto found no virtue with. Folks, his antics are not based on any universally sanctioned principles of public discourse,

Yesterday, it was Akans, especially Asantes; today it is Ewes. Which group would he pit tomorrow against another in order to continue to feed his deranged and psychotic need for attention? For a person who is not Ghanaian you have to wonder why he engages in and has such need for shrill, shrieking and over-the-top diatribes in our political discourse? why does he care how we discuss our politics? The answer is, he does not. Self-centeredness and a pathological need for attention is what drives him.

I leave you with a sample of what he said about Asantes and NPP as late as 6 months ago.

Why should you care or not care about what he does? Well, if you understand that this Island Ass has a pathological need to be the center of attention at all times, you may have some empathy for him.

PS: I won't edit this post, so don't worry about grammatical and spelling mistakes.


Author: Young Bajan Lion (registered user) Date: 12-10-2003 08:24


People are still trying to flee from Ghana to escape the desperation. I have unemployed friends in Accra who are not working and have young babies to feed.

The real work in Ghana has hardly been started.

As for security... who chopped off the Ya-Na's head?

To me, the NPP has a lack of vision and very little energy to move the country forward.


Nuff Respect, Young Bajan.


Author: Young Bajan Lion (registered user) Date: 12-10-2003 09:05


Come and move me.

When was the last time your president visited Northern Ghana?

Or does he need to get "per diems" for that too?

Nuff Respect, Young Bajan.


Author: Young Bajan Lion (registered user) Date: 11-28-2004 18:35

What else can you expect from a party which is the offspring of "mate mehu" bomb-throwers? Asante tribalists, vagabonds, terrorists, thugs, murderers, head-choppers and ritual killers. Before the year is out, many more Ghanaians will be murdered as the NPP seeks to seize power for another four years.

Stupidity is a common trait.

Nuff Respect, Young Bajan.


Author: Young Bajan Lion (registered user) Date: 11-28-2004 19:03


It's clear to see who the real killers are.

(N)PP goons, thugs, murderers, bomb-throwers and head-choppers!

Nuff Respect, Young Bajan.


Author: Young Bajan Lion (registered user) Date: 11-28-2004 18:57

Interesting timing by Wofa-Per-Diem JAKass Thiefour... as he pointedly reminds Ghanaian chiefs to KEEP SILENT or risk having their heads chopped off in the middle of the night.

Stupidity is a common trait.

Nuff Respect, Young Bajan.


Author: Young Bajan Lion (registered user) Date: 11-28-2004 22:17


Greetings to you.

Cote d'Ivoire has already gone, all due to Gbagbo's own form of Ivorian (Baule) nationalism.

Too bad if Ghana goes the same way because of Asante tribalism.


Nuff Respect, Young Bajan.


Author: Young Bajan Lion (registered user) Date: 11-27-2003 12:43

Let no-one deceive you... Asantes are 14.8% of the population of Ghana.

The 30% Asante LIE is DEAD!!!


Author: Young Bajan Lion (registered user) Date: 11-17-2004 18:02

It is only the most ignorant, uncivilised and uneducated black African savages who, by these acts, would display such hatred of education and contempt of civilised behaviour... the classroom shitters of Ashanti strike again.

Stupidity is a common trait.


Author: Young Bajan Lion (registered user) Date: 11-17-2004 18:07

The kith and kin of these Ghanaian classroom shitters are also at work on SIL... doing with their feeble little minds the same thing their dirty anuses do in classrooms.

Seek intelligence and seek civilisation. Filthy sub-human animals. Stinking scum.

Stupidity is a common trait.

Nuff Respect, Young Bajan.

[This is an authentic posting from DAWU (Registered User)]
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