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RE: Is Progress Possible with MPs like these?

2008-11-10 16:25:45

At the heart of this evolving Valco scandal is Dr. Charles Mensah....I believe he is the main architect behind this fraudulent and bogus contract. This is the man who witnessed the contract for the so-called international aluminium partners....This man formed IEA and by governmental support, was appointed as the Resident Representative of Valco after Mr. J V. L. Philips who held the post honourably for several years. This position was supposed to be a political position to ensure effective liason between Valco and government. Since this man assumed the position he has metamorphosed into the Valco chief executive and has become the Be-all at Valco. I believe this man wanted to now turn Valco into his personal enclave with the tacit support of corrupt government officials. I was informed after the so-called contract had been passed by parliament that though the purchasers were going to purchase 70% shares in Valco, they were not going to have any direct management role at Valco. Now I was wondering how a foreign investor could purchase 70% shares in a company and allow the original managers to continue managing the company. I began to smell a rat from thereon....God Save Ghana...
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RE: Is Progress Possible with MPs like these?
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