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No blackman, bikome

abaa-bii abuzotyel
2008-11-10 14:43:07

My jaw nearly fell when the seventy years plus bikome, who i believe is above average intelligence, splashed on the pages of SIL that Barrack Obama has eclipsed all including the late Martin Luther King Jr..

If he was in his early thirties like Bajan or barima, I would have pardoned him for his misreading of Black History, but bikome is my age mate, if not older. For such a person to make such a senseless statement defies analysis.

I will not belittle Obama's achievement, but he stood on the tomb of Martin Luther who defied the dark forces of racism and in a Christ -like manner took a bullet in his chest to make Obama shine. If King had not chewed, or swallowed a live bullet, the likes of Obama would have been living in total bondage for centuries to come.

The Indians do not rate Nero above Ghandi, though the latter nevr ruled. King paid for the liberation of the black race in America with his life. King is saint who had no appetite for a trite political office. Nobody should compare spiritual giants with mortal beings. Obama, I am sure is not impressed with this blasphemy.

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