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Presidential Palace inauguration

2008-11-10 13:20:02

Commentary on Presidential Palace inauguration and related issues

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After seemingly endless debate and political gymnastics, Ghana can now boast of a modern residency for the President and beyond. At the opening ceremony at the Flagstaff House this morning, the speech of the Chief of Staff and Minister of Presidential Affairs, Kwadwo Mpiani encapsulated the intensity of the debate over the construction of the presidential palace which some ardent partisan critics reportedly vowed to turn into a hospital or poultry complex.

To those critics, it was incongruent with conventional wisdom to sink a colossal sum into the sleeping place of the President when critical areas of national life were crying for a rescue operation or capital injection. It is worth noting that the Chief of Staff Literally provided more verbal stories to the critics with the rather cagey manner the cost element of the project was handled.

However at the opening ceremony this morning, president Kufuor debriefed the moment and seized the occasion to answer those who were up in arms against such an important national heritage.

Government, he said had not been insensitive to the plight of the poor and the generality of struggling Ghanaians. He said the government was also aware of the financial implications of the project which was put up with a soft loan from India and an interest rate of only one point seven-five per cent.

Given Ghana?s unquestionable respect internationally her huge image as an emerging economy and a beacon of democratic accomplishment in Africa the presidential palace easily passes the law of timing at the time it was constructed. There was definitely no further time to waste to do what needed to be done to polish-up Ghana?s reputation in terms of a fitting presidential complex.

The argument over the siting of the new complex also sounds good. Indeed, it does not pass any cost ?benefit test to perpetually invest huge sums in maintaining the Osu Castle in response to frequent equipment breakdown. Indeed, one does not need any superfluity of architectural knowledge to buy the idea of resiting the seat of government.

While the centrality and easy reach of the flagstaff House also make sense, the anticipated traffic jam and the need to address it should not be over looked. As the saying goes, what goes round, comes round.

Significantly, the name of Ghana?s first president, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who was demonized and satanized after his overthrow has been rehabilitated satisfactorily. The new Nkrumah heritage which now sits at the presidential palace will go a long way to erase the indignities and question the shortsighted actions which characterized his untimely exist from power. It is also significant to note that all the presidential hopefuls do not rule out the idea of residing and operating from the new flagstaff House.

The biggest question is: who occupies the tantalizingly beautiful edifice? The December 7 polls will tell.


Posted on: Monday, 10, November, 2008

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