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NPP LIARS at it again.... Bawumia @ VP Debate

Misappropriation of state fund
2008-11-10 10:04:15

Kufour in Fraud Scandal

" Tractor Award for President Kufuor "

To be precise, if this allegation is proven to be true , then it constitute to Conspiracy with the intent of getting favors in return, Insider Trading , Fraud ,and therefore, a conflict of interest. Because this dirty public misconduct by the so-called "Association of Award winners "entails all the hallmarks of a white collar crime in which money, a favor or something else of value is promised to, given to, or taken from an individual or corporation in an attempt to sway his or its views, opinions, or decisions. For instance, if an electoral candidate offered bottles of liquor in exchange for votes, it would be considered a bribe or "kickback", and therefore, a crime.

Under the criminal law ;

"Any public official (anyone acting on behalf of a country or state, such as the President, Prime Minister, Minster of State, Member of the Upper House, A member of Parliament, District Chief Executive, witness, or juror) who demands, receives, or accepts a bribe in exchange for orchestrating an illegal change in his duties will be fined not more than three times the value of the incentive and/or imprisoned for no more than 15 years. The public official may also be prohibited from holding any political or government office in that country , or state."

Here it could be seen that office of the Presidency has conspired, and taken State money and resources without Parliamentary and recommendations ,and given it as a national award to the occupant of the Presidency , his friends and political cronies, with the intent of getting favors in return. This clearly points to a "conflict of interest" and therefore, portrays a white color crime against the State.

In any circumstances ,this is suppose to be a national Award which intends to motivate the recipients to do more, and increase their respective performance to enhance growth in the economy. In this respect , good public performance that accelerates economic growth is what is demanding from the winners.Nothing more , and nothing less.

A national award is also not suppose to be given by a President but the State, so if these people thinks that they owe gratitude to somebody, it is the state`s economy that have to get the reward, and not the President or his office which only acted ceremoniously on behalf of the State.

This act of given favor to the President and not for the State in return ,portrays that ; the recipients or the "so-called" award winners do not deserve their price, hence the guilty conscience to offer favors to the President , and not back to the nation which has awarded them .

Secondly, the President, his vice, and the chief of Staff, his ruling Party`s Presidential Candidate and many more of his cronies and Party affiliates have all received some valuable sums of money in this "national lottery" saga.

So, if they have now naively formed an "Association" to glorify and elevate themselves high above the society which they were suppose to be serving, as characteristically known among most Ghanaians,by re-awarding themselves with handshakes and Kickbacks, then it proofs an act of Conspiracy, Insider Trading, Fraud, Misuse of State funds and Theft and causing financial loss to the State.

National Honours Day 2008


General News of Friday, 7 November 2008

"Tractor Award for President Kufuor"

As someone had already said;

" Do not accept gift for they are bribes "

( Dr. K.A. Busia, Prime Minister of the Second Republic of Ghana)

It is known that; even under millitary regimes where legislative principles and regulations have no role to play, Gen.Ankrah had to resign from the highest office as the head of State for admitting to have accepted a "hard cash" from a Nigerian Business man.

Also under the AFRC regime, a high ranking military officer who had then served in the Supreme Military Council`s regime had to be shot dead for just using his "POLITICAL INFLUENCE" to secure a bank credit upon which was due for payment.

Because the then rawlings` military junta assumed that he might have used his "political influence" in acquiring that credit from a recognized financial institution in the country,and therefore , it is a crime.

In accordance with the criminal law, the solicitation of an employee, director, etc. in any capacity in exchange for business and

2) the acceptance of anything (including meals, entertainment, and accommodations during travel) but a legitimate salary, wages and fees from anyone in connection with the State`s business are prohibited.

If any representative of of the state accepts a bribe, he will be fined three times the value of the incentive, or he will be imprisoned for not more than thirty years.

However, if the value of the bribe is less than GH 1,000 cedes the representative will be fined but sentenced to not more than one year in jail.

If a State official is offered a bribe, he must disclose all information to the state so that the situation may be addressed appropriately.

A state official who accepts a bribe in exchange for a promise to ?fix? a state event is guilty of bribery and may be punished under the country`s criminal Code. For example, in football match, if a referee is convicted of ?throwing? a major sporting event, he will be fined, imprisoned for up to five years, or both.

Kickbacks are often associated with government fraud. The crime is committed in a variety of settings, however, including the above case of National Award business ,the healthcare industry and employee benefit or pension plans.

Examples ;

- A building contractor might kick back part of what he is paid to the government official responsible for selecting his company for the job.

- A pharmaceutical or medical device company might offer free training or other benefits to doctors who prescribe its drug.

- A benefit or pension provider might provide cash or another bonus to brokers who convince companies to choose their services over those of another provider.

- The National Award Winning business and fixes is not exceptional.

Inside traders may be subject to criminal prosecution by the Justice Ministry, with a possible penalty of jail time and/or fine.

Inside trading may also be punished by the Securities and Exchange Commission , which may seek several different punishments through a civil trial.

One punishment that may be levied is an injunction ? an order to desist with a particular act. An injunction usually carries specific mandatory penalties for its violation, such as fine or imprisonment. The Securities and Exchange Commission can also seek more direct punishment, such as reimbursement of illegal gains or a civil penalty. The penalty may be as much as three times the amount of the illegal profits; ordinarily, however, the two are about equal.

Issuing or accepting bribes is a serious crime that may result in heavy fines or several years in prison. Both civil and criminal charges can be levied against those suspected of being involved in kickback schemes.

The Anti-Kickback Act prohibits government contractors and subcontractors from issuing or accepting kickbacks. If a contractor or subcontractor forces an employee to kick back part of his or her compensation, the contractor may face a very big fine and/or five years in prison.

A national Award is not expected to be a business enterprise for some few people to take advantage upon it and enrich themselves, or shared it among themselves , friends and relatives.

In previous years, campaign financing from state funds was once a source profit making for some disgruntled politicians. The State coffers were always depleted after general elections, and the country had to go to foreign financial institutions and borrow again for national development with very harsh conditions attached.

At the same time the greedy politicians would be pledging on campaign platforms that they "THEY BELIEVE IN GHANA AND THINK ABOUT GHANA".

The question however is that; if they actually believe, or think about Ghana, would they have got involve in such businesses that only helps to enrich themselves, but brings long term hardships to the rest of country and the next generations of Ghanaians?

Each year a national panel appointed by the government selects the winning entry, and the award ceremony is held at a given date, where the President gives away the awards, followed by the inauguration festival, where all the award-winning areas and persons are screened for the public. The price winners are always considered to have shown a distinction in their area of capacities and therefore merits among the best.

For instance, a national Award could be given to someone for the recognition of his/her research on the intersection of cognitive psychology and psychometrics that have a great benefit to the nation, the continental region, and possibly beyond.

The award, would then be presented by the National Council on Measurement in Education , recognizes scholars at the early stages of their careers whose research has the potential to make a major contribution to the applied measurement field.

So on the award given day, the ceremonial President who has been entrusted to act on behalf of the nation would announce to the gathering audience and the entire nation that;

?The award committee and I feel that Prof./Dr./ Mr./Miss X work on the integration of cognitive models with measurement in education is an outstanding example of this type of potential?.

He will therefore give an explanation on why Prof./ Dr./Mr./Miss X is the winner in that category among many other nominees.

Usually ,National Awards sought to recognize excellence and innovation over a period of time.

In other words , "a person receives award for his/her excellence", but not for kickbacks in return, which is why the above allegation is matter of a serious concern that needs a thorough investigation and possibly an impeachment procedures, because the national award committee is not suppose to be a business enterprise for some few section to enrich themselves at the expense of the hard working poor majority in society.


Who were appointed to serve in the national Award Committee; and what criteria did they use for their recommendations?

Why do they failed to explain the work of the nominees, and that of the final winners ?

Were there some fixes behind the scene; if the answer is no, then what is the need for this Presidential handshake or kickbacks?

How can the government combat corruption when its own members are the main operators of this type of crime?

How can a government which stood on the ticket of "Zero tolerance on Corruption" to win election, then turn around to entangle itself with a conflict of interest?

How do you justify to call yourselves with the title; " honorables and Excellencies" when you are far from being excellent?

There is no doubt that; the gate-keeper, Kojo Mpiani had misunderstood his role ,and sees himself as the Prime Minister Of Ghana.

A Chief of Staff is suppose to be only a common security man or watchman to the President, but Kufour has erroneously made Kojo Mipani to look like someone who even have more power in government than the elected vice-President of Ghana.

Unfortunately, this is true face of the NPP`s "cantankerous democracy" made in Ghana.

Actually the chief of staff is only suppose to be running only the staff , he also oversees the President`s schedule, advices him on issues, and provides structural decision making, nothing more and nothing less, but the question is ;

Why has the position of a Chief of Staff ( thus a security man, or gate-man, housekeeper, or the Ankobeahene in the President`s house) been elevated so high to equate the position of a Prime Minister of Ghana, and even runs above an elected Vice President under the Kufour`s NPP administration?

In essence, government fraud are known to be illegal acts that intentionally divest the government of funds through deception or scams. When the government gets swindled, taxpayers pay the price.

Government fraud is a serious crime, and is generally pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

In fact, in many government fraud cases, both criminal and civil charges are brought against the defendant. Whistleblowers, also called qui tam relators, are often the first to report government fraud; they then share in the awards of the case.

Fraud against the government can take multiple forms. Among the most significant are;

- procurement fraud;

- false claims;

- and health care fraud.

Procurement and contractor fraud are two of the most costly types of government fraud. An example of procurement fraud is a company using bribes to win a contract even when it did not make the lowest or best bid.

Other examples of contractor fraud include billing the government for incomplete work, inflating the cost of labor or supplies, and issuing kickbacks.

Under the False Claims Act, both criminal and civil charges can be brought against contractors who are accused of procurement fraud.

The False Claims Act makes it illegal to present a false claim in order to defraud the government, or to conspire to do so.

False claims may pertain to Social Security, defense contracts, healthcare company fraud, or other instances in which a company or individual attempts to be paid by the government for an invalid reason.

The penalties for government fraud under the False Claims Act are quite harsh. A convict must pay back three times the amount stolen in addition to a civil fine of GH 5,000 to GH10,000.cedes.

The False Claims Act rewards qui tam relators, or whistleblowers, by allowing them to receive a share of the award for cases in which they expose government fraud.

Qui tam laws also offer protections for employees who report wrongdoing by their employers. Although most qui tam cases are in the areas of government healthcare or defense fraud, any type of government fraud can be brought to light by a whistleblower.

Question is ;

why have the Kufour administration failed to pass the whistleblower bill in Parliament, despite it earlier promises to the electorate to win election?

What has caused the delay; and who has deliberately suspended it from coming into motion?

What is the brain behind the suspension.

Health care fraud also occur when healthcare companies overestimate clinical costs, ask for reimbursement for lab tests or procedures that were never performed, or otherwise attempt to defraud the government. Whistleblowers are often the ones to report healthcare fraud.

According to the Economic Espionage Act , a trade secret is any confidential plan, formula, pattern, program device, technique, code, or collection of information that, once released, could potentially benefit a business.

It may be written down, memorized, stored electronically, or be in the form of a graphic. Examples include recipes for brand-new ice cream flavors, computer codes, plans for a new toy that has not yet been patented, and pictures for an unpublished children?s book. Trade secrets differ from copyrights, trademarks, and patents in that they are not registered with the government. Instead, the owner (or creator) of the trade secret simply keeps the information confidential until he is ready to reveal it to the public, at which point trade secret protection ends.




Even the UK have revoked former Thai PM's visa

The former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his wife have been left 'homeless' after the British government revoked their visas.

The couple came to Britain after a military coup in Thailand in 2006, but have both since received criminal convictions from Thai courts.

I conclude with a prediction

Very soon Ghanaian Presidents will also not be able to find any means whatsoever to travel unnecessarily again .

The travel gate business that the President often use to enrich himself and his cronies would be coming to an end.

Now there is a technology which will shut down that business completely from any angle of operation.

The President could now talk to his foreign counterparts directly from his office as if they are physically present to each other, and that will save the Ghanaian tax payers some more money to help build their economy, rather than landing in wrong pockets as official corruption.

The old technology of "video conferencing" has been modified and upgraded to suit the 21st century, and Ghanaians must encourage their President to use it. It saves travel cost and time.

The cost of only one Presidential travel could buy this simple device to help save an entire country from the Presidential tourism business that makes some somebody to become millionaire at the expense of the poor people .

The middle class is the engine of growth in every healthy economy, and that have to be encouraged, rather than promoting only Presidential millionaires and creating more poverty in the system.

This is Show and Tell.

A look behind the curtain into CNN's virtual hologram technology.


Minister for Cyber politics


Get the Game On's Scott Jones explores video games that allow you to become commander-in-chief.


I pray for Gen.Afrifa, Acheampong , Akufo, Air vice Marshall Yaw Boachie, Real Admiral Amedume, Gen. Utuka, Kotei,Felli etc because they had died for no justifiable cause of agenda and purpose.

Some of them had even lost their lives for mere using their " Political Influence " to borrow from the a credit institution in the country.

They will be remembered.





Sen. Ted Stevens hasn't given a TV interview since his conviction.

However, there is a possibility of 5years imprisonment for each charge against him.

So 5years multiply by each 7 count of felony would be amounting to 35 years imprisonment.


Senator Ted Stevens is already 84years old, which means he faces a possible life imprisonment on official corruption, if the court finally made its sentence known in public since he is already convicted by the jury.


How about Tsatsu Tsikata of Ghana and his NPP accomplice?


It is clear that; the gate-keeper, Kojo Mpiani had misunderstood his role in government ,and sees himself as the Prime Minister Of Ghana.

A Chief of Staff is suppose to be only a common security man or watchman to the President, but Kufour has erroneously made Kojo Mipani to look like someone who even have more power than the nation`s elected vice-President .

Sadly, this is true face of the NPP`s "cantankerous democracy" made in Ghana.

Actually the chief of staff is only suppose to be running only the staff , he also oversees the President`s schedule, advices him on issues, and provides structural decision making, nothing more and nothing less, but the question is ;

Why has the position of a Chief of Staff ( security man, or gate-man, housekeeper, or the Ankobeahene in the President`s house ) been elevated so high to equate the position of a Prime Minister of Ghana and even runs above an elected Vice President under the Kufour administration?
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Misappropriation of state fund
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