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A Short & Sweet OPEN LETTER To Hon. BAFO & Co.

2008-11-10 09:34:34

Greeting, Uncle BAFO,

I've noticed you've been spending much time doing what John McCain did?wasting his time slagging off Obama etc, when the people kept waiting for convincing words to base their voting decisions upon?which cost him and his party dearly in the end. Not even Joe Da Plumber's in-your-face confrontational antics could save him or his party from utter disaster.

To you, my dear uncle, and all my NDC brethren of SIL and elsewhere, this, indeed is primetime. Is this really the time to focus on nasty bits of past and near-past ?corrupt leaders? whiles the numerous constituents wait anxiously to hear something with meat, in order to make their decisions; these times when your party leadership is bombing like hell and needs your full attention and support? Is this really the time to rely on a Sarah Palin look-alike former president, who has lost total touch with reality so much so that he goes about ranting on and spiting trash around, deceiving himself into thinking folks will vote for him via proxy?a man that has lost harmony between his yin and his yang?! Good grief!!!

Now, come off, my brethren?!!!

So, my brotherly advice to my Hon. Uncle BAFO is: Please drop the dead donkey; cut the nit-picking trash and throw all your weight behind Agya 'Ta instead, so that God willing, his prayers of becoming the next leader (yea, right. Not at this pace) may be answered. It grieves me to watch and listen to NDC members, supporters and veranda boys alike, rapidly sending their party into total demise via their crude way of politic and campaigning. I sincerely hope, uncle, that you take my humble word of advice in kind. For, I give it to you and your people from a good heart.

Thank you, Hon BAFO and all.


KAB--{SIL only non-partisan prophet}


Ketu Mavis is preparing some superior Anglo Banku (plus delicious fetsri-detsi kple Organic Aponkye meat, for your sake). All are please welcome to my Snowdon quarters for late lunch. Stuff will be washed down with rich South African red and white wines. the choice is yours. I'll only drink water, for Naa D's sake. Thanks.
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