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Do we need to provide MP Constituency Offices?

Kwaku Azar
2008-11-10 09:25:38

Some of you may recall the 200 plush bungalows that were constructed in 1992 for the MPs. These bungalows were quickly sold at a discount to the MP occupants in 1996.

Agya Atta is now promising to construct and furnish a standard MP?s office in each of the 230 constituencies. Moreover, each MP will be be allowed to hire an administrator of this constituency, whose salaries and benefits will become a charge on the consolidated fund. Finally, Agya Atta plans to set up a ?constituency development fund? for each MP.

Agya Atta considers the above the most pressing issues and has promised to address them within 100 days if elected to office.

Do we need to provide MP Constituency Offices, adminsitrators, and more funds?

Da Yie!

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