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USE of SPD cars

2008-11-10 08:58:35

i don't seem to understand why we do not understand the use of the term protocol properly in this country of ours. i was driving yesterday 9th of November 2008 behind a STATE protocol car Reg. No. SPD222GV a VW phaeton to be precise yesterday at around 6pm. i noticed that the car was unnecessarily over loaded with at least six people at the rear seat with 3 plu the drive at the front. all windows were open and it was very clear the drive was under the influence of alcohol, because he kept veering off the road with 2 tyres onto the side of the road and at one point he could easily have damaged the car are he fell right into a pot hole at some point when the car veered off. this is very unacceptable because these cars are maintained and run with tax payers money and care must be taken in its use. what is the state protocol doing to stop occurances like this, as this driver should be sort out and seriously punished.
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