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Isaac Koomson
2008-11-10 05:05:12

"NPP has deliberately linked Kuffour with Bush. All that Ghanaians have seen for the last 8 years is Kuffour either getting free handouts from Bush or is being feted by the USA President."

I am very surprised that Zeo has the time to make such an atrocious analysis. I keep wondering when guys like him will give intellects a chance. It is either he lack the intecllect or he has been blinded by politics.

Let me educate him: it is incumbent on any intelligent government to align itself to any current presidency of the United States and that of Britain as with Prime Minister. This forms part of the government of Ghana's foreign policy which seem to imply that the nation should have a very cordial relationship with foreign partners in development as regard aids.Such relationship includes aligning itself with the presidency of such partners.

It is worth noting that the relationship here isn't with the president of the United State as an individual but the presidency as a whole.

Let say McCain had won the election and so is the NDC; are they saying that they are not going to associate themselves with the presidency of the USA simply because Obama did not win? That will never be true. If Bush was in power with the NDC governing the nation Ghana; NDC will still have to align itself with the government of the USA and with Bush as a foreign policy.

Why such hypocrisy from people like Zeo? What is important is that we all are people with discerning minds and will not allow misguided analysis. Thank you!
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