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Why Bawunia ''vultured'' out

2008-11-10 04:58:07

Bawunia did not only chicken out of the debate ,he actually wet a step further and really ''vultured '' out of the debate.The man does not know how to speak ,anytime he opens his mouth his foot is in his mouth.He has foot and mouth disease and that would be further exposed if he is questioned about the ezwich which owes 35 million GH cedis .People are not subscribing to the ezwich.He knows when he attends he would be asked to answer questions on how Asamoah Boateng could have employed 300 youth into the security services and he actually had the nerve to confirm this on air.He would also have to answer how come Jake still occupies a government bungalow and even wants to buy it.The millenium account is in two areas in the North and he would have to answer for that and also explain why the much taunted affordable houses were never deployed and instead in its place we had ''almost impossible to afford'' housing.

This is not to say the Npp did nothing good but until they learn give others some credit for their achievement we shall also refuse to trumpet their achievements and focus on their shortcomings.
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heavens angel yum yum
11-10 11:47