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2008-11-10 04:26:06

The Gangaroo party NPP is planning to execute its last rigging plan after most of it tactics was exposed. You heard this week that the Ghana arm forces issue a statement that they do not have enough men and women to police all the polling centers. So the NPP plan to do the following.

1. Send police to polling station regarded as NDC strong holds. Leaving NPP strong hold unguarded so that they can rig. 2. Make sure that the police and EC officials send to NDC strong holds are sympathetic to the government so that they can reject valid vote and people perceive to be under age. 3. Use false propaganda on Election Day. That is they plan using some select radio station and TV stations like Peace FM, GBC, Net 2 and other selected media house, to send false information on the day of voting that Prof. Mills has collapse or is dead. To create doubt in the mind of voters. The journalist involve have been already given $10,000 each. 4. They also plan arresting the former president and some big NDC men on the eve of election to create panic by charging them of plotting a coupe. 5. After counting vote some ballot boxes will be destroy to avoid recount. Or the cars carrying those ballot boxes will be deliberately crash and in the process the ballot boxes will be set on fire. 6. They plan sending false information to NDC strong holds that the election will held on Dec 8 instead of Dec 7. 7. Some Moslem travelling to Mecca have been told they can vote when they return from Mecca. That is false. 8. They are working with some EC officials to delete and replace a lot names in NDC strong areas. 9. Arrest some NDC MP on they day of voting and charge them for either rigging or disrupting the voting process. 10. Plan to use some media house to announce on voting that CCP and Paa Kwasi Nduom have decided to join NPP so all CPP voters should vote for NPP. 11. They also plan to jail Nana Konadu 4 days to election like Tsatsu. 12. They plan to falsely charge one NDC member for drug offences by planting cocaine in his house or in his travelling baggage. 13. Arrest NDC polling agents by accusing them of possessing arms or disrupting the election process. When the NDC agents are not around they have their way. 14. They are working with the EC to ensure massive shortage of voting materials in NDC strong hold like what we saw during the registration process. So that only a limited number of people in those places can vote. 15. Use black out (light off) during the counting process so as to manipulate the result. 16. For your information the EC is still registering NPP members.

More to come? The fact is Nana Addo knows that there is no way he can win the election when it is free and fair period.
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