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Behave well Buger`s to Ghana.

Dr Pepper
2002-06-09 21:48:24

Well dear fellow Ghanaians in abroad or (Buger`s) I have a little advice to give.When in Ghana,we should behave well and respect our ladies as well.If you are a buger it doesn`t mean,you are in Heaven.The way some of us act when in Ghana makes me think whether they suffer the way I do here in Japan.You will see a buger driving by himself with as many women by him side.Go to bars and oh lala they are there braging.Saying I am like this in abroad while he is not.Most of us go and die in Ghana through accident or through juju because he will propose marry to many ladies and at the end decieve them.I have seen and withness many of these and the reason of this posting.Just this Easther,I was in Ghana and it was terible.Summer vacation is just around the corner and know most will be going as well as me.So please when in Ghana,remember the aim of your visit.Also know that AIDS is real in Ghana.Know that giving one cedi to somebody in your village will be a blessing than giving to a prostitute just to satisfy yourself.Because a little drop of water makes a might ocean.See You there////////. Dr Pepper, Tokyo,Japan.
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