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Argentina, France and Italy to be eliminated?

Togbe Aboagye
2002-06-09 19:02:40

Argentina next plays Sweden, a win for Argentina will give them 6 points. Sweden now with 4 points only needs a draw , given that England will defeat un-motivated Nigeria. With England at 7 points a draw between Sweden and Argentina will be emough to bid farewell to the highly rated Argentina.

France plays Denmark on the 11, with Denmark sitting comfortably at the top of their Group with 4 points and Senegal breathing down their neck also with 4 points, Denmark cannot take any chances. A draw for Denmark and a win or draw from Senegal will send France and Uruguay packing.

In the unlikely case where both Senegal and Denmark lose their next matches, then the groups 4 teams will all have 4 points. WOW, sounds too good to be true, so Togbe rules that out.

Italy, nicknamed Azurri- highly over-rated team in my opinion plays Mexico. Mexico now has 6 points and needs only a draw.Mexico cannot lose becuase in case Croatia beats Ecuador, not too much to ask for, then a loss for Mexico , might jeorpadize Mexico's chances. Considering the motivation, Mexico might force a draw, that will leave Azurri with 4 points and a draw for Coatia will find both Croatia and Azurri fighting on goal aggregates. The more likely outcome is that Croatia will run over Ecuador, and Mexico might force a draw. In the unlikely event of Croatia winning and Mexico losing, there again we'll have the three teams with 6 point and Ecuador with zero. Another interesting scenario.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I say it's lighjts out for Argentina, Italy and France.

Togbes teams to watch are:

Senegal, Croatia, England.

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