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Le Rouge
2002-06-09 18:27:05

I want to share this true story with SILIANS, especially those who think they can use pseudonyms to write seditious articles. Be careful, it can catch up with you in some unpleasant way. I have a friend, an Afrikaan South African who left his country for Canada because of the then apartheid regime. A trained engineer, he became an ardent anti apartheid campainger but was and is still a hard core marxist leninist to boot. This friend, let say he is called Botha, used to be seen on the principal streets of Ottawa distributing anti apartheid pamphlets and marxist leninist leaflets. He also used to write for the International Socialist magazine under an assumed name. He became a landed immigrant and eventually he applied for Canadian citizenship. When the Canadian Intelligence Security Service did a routine security check on him, something came up. So he was invited to an interview to justifiy why he should be given a Canadian citizenship. He told me as soon as he entered the room, his interviewers greeted him by using his pseudonym. He almost had a heart attack. So those who think they can hide behind false names and spew up seditious pieces, they should be careful. In Canada, USA, UK, etc, the governments have the capability of collecting information on individuals which can be used to frustrate them in their careers, etc so be careful!

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