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Well done, Dr Ellison,lest we forget.

2002-06-09 11:42:48

"--So, the next time you see Jerry John Rawlings, ?aka Paul Gyamfi', trying to insult your intelligence by laying a wreath anywhere in Ghana; kindly advise him that Ghanaians are not fools, nor can he think he is the alpha and omega of Ghana. Ghanaians have allowed him to come and go as he pleases because we are a civilized, loving people. Rawlings cannot presume to be able to con us again. ONCE BITTEN, TWICE SHY! Be vigilant, and tell the con man Rawlings to get the hell off. And that is how polite I can put it. If Rawlings cannot behave like a gentleman, we ought not treat him like one!!!"--Kofi Ellison
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