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2002-06-09 11:27:58

Now that June 4th has come and gone and the blaze in people's emotion is a wee bit smouldered, saner Ghanaians should be able to shred into pieces the wicked and at times dishonest misconceptions being perpetuated by some individuals and groups in our dear country. One stand-out fact is that so far as the earth revolves around the sun, Ghanaians living and Ghanaians yet unborn will have to confront the particulars of that political volcano dubbed "JUNE 4TH". Public holiday or no public holiday.

There should be no doubt in our mind's eye that sworn enemies of June 4th are doing everything in their power to dismantle the pillars and discredit the lofty ideals and ideas that historic event represents. It is therefore of no wonder to some of us that when they had their greatest opportunity they swiftly put their shameless machination to realistic work, vide, calculated lies and misinformation intentionally slanted to hookwink unsuspecting Ghanaians and posterity. This graceless charge to rewrite history is being led by the ruling NPP gov't, ironically a gov't which prides itself on "zero tolerance for corruption". Riding on the cusp of NDC unpopularity and its newly-won political power, the NPP gov't rough-rammed through parliament amidst animated and at all material times rancorous and contentious debate a bill "unmaking" June 4th a national holiday. What the reactionary forces within the ruling class failed to realise is that this singular act of spineless political maneuver can never obliterate from our national consciousness the object lessons June 4th taught and continues to teach us as a nation.

For their ferocious attacks on June 4th, none of its most bitter enemies has had the weapon to destroy the ideals bedrocking it. What they have succeeded in doing is to attack, with some justification, the messengers of June 4th and thereby muddled two clearly distinct and remarkably different issues, to wit, the great divide between 'a messenger and a message'. The naked point here is that the Rawlings, the Ahwois, the Abodakpis, the Tsikatas, Nana Addo Aikins etc; etc; were just the moutpiece of June 4th. They were the conduits through which the ideas and ideals of June 4th reached the mass of the people. Simply put, the ideals and ideas of June 4th are larger than any of them including our ex-president. It is therefore most upsetting and pathetic to read from individuals and groups who should know better confusing these two simple issues.

What then is the sacred message of June 4th which is so feared by many Ghanaians? Blandly put, it states that there is a fierce and brutal prize to pay where the political elite of a country shamelessly indulges in acts of mindless corruption to the dire detriment of the mass of the people on whose behalf power is held. It is therefore in the supreme interest of the ruling elite to fight corruption among its ranks. That is, the only way they can live in peace and enjoy their patronage and leverage in society is to fight corruption among its rank and file. Anything short of that is tantamount to calling for the wrath of the mass of the people. Ruthless corruption among the political elite naturally breeds anger, resentment, discontent and above all vengeance. Some individuals and groups in the country talk in bold terms as if June 4th was thrust upon us by J.J. Rawlings and his bunch of 'Abongo boys'. They should know that June 4th was divined to erupt because of years of misrule and brutalization of our natural and human resources for the enjoyment of a select few in our country. Thus, the dramatic carnage that played itself out during those tumultuous and heady days of AFRC was the direct result of the political elite's inability to rein in numbing corruption among its class. They conveniently forget the meaning of honest conduct in public life. All they did was whistle melodiously their way to their secret bank accounts abroad and invidiously bestow on their relatives,children and their friends the best that life can offer while the majority of the people wallow in abject poverty and misery. Numbing corruption and its bedmate,increased pauperization of the masses, was, hands down, the best policy of the political elite in the days before June 4th.

The prosaic truth is that where such immoral condition as described above exists and society is built on false hopes and dreams, then it follows naturally that the ruling class must brace itself for a most fierce and brutal sort of political explosion and indeed such explosion erupted on June 4th. Unnatural deeds, do bring unnatural tidings (with sincere apologies to William Shakespeare). The executions and all the unfortunate happenings during the AFRC era were a natural consequences of the sins of our rulers at that time. This was clearly and magically captured by our late head of state, General A. A. Afrifa, when he warned General Acheampong and the rest of the military leadership in no uncertain terms that unless they changed their nefarious ways they would all be lined up one day and executed. How prophetic he was!!!

It is the considered opinion of the present writer that in-as-much-as we have the pure right to condemn those who fed fat in the name of June 4th, we must be able to put the objective conditions undergirding it in their right perspective so that we do not repeat the same mistakes. It follows logically from the preceding paragraphs that despite our disillusion, disappointment, disgust and anger towards those men and women who railroaded the ideals and ideas of June 4th for their self-aggrandizement, our resolve in its message should forever be steeled in our hearts. Therein lies the political and economic salvation of our blighted nation. Until our leader are compelled to understand that there is always a terrible and steep prize to pay if they put their personal comfort above that of the mass of the people by engaging in brainless corruption, we as a people should kiss good-bye to economic, social and political tranquility.

The insuperable question June 4th asked us and continues to ask us is; who is going to act as our true leader and salvage our plight as a nation by holding responsible those who have engaged and continue to engage in episodic acts of corruption and thereby ruining the comfort of majority of our people? June 4th readily recognized and still recognizes the linkage between economic advancement and sordid corruption among the political elite. And so should we.

Long live June 4th!

Long live all men and women of conscience!

Long live Ghana!

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