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** I can WHIP GHANA BAR ASSOC hands down **

2002-06-09 03:37:01

Law and judgment is Muhammad, or Jesus Christ, or Socrates, or Kwaku Appiah (my father), or Yaa Asantewaa, or Mansa Kankan Musa, or Yaa-Naa. Law/Judiciary is wisdom.

I don't mean quoting what others say, for Ghana Bar Assoc. is excellent in that, especially, when it comes to statements that preserve legacies of the Colonial Queen.

It is 2:00 Am in Memphis, the greatest City in United States, where lack of self knowledge, lack of culture has taken away everything good, making black sisters imprisoning Mike Tyson.

But I do understand African Americans, becos they were robbed of African Culture. What about Africans, independent, yet perpetuating the structures of the colonial power?

While American Judges laugh at their former Colonial English Masters Judicial set up, Ghana Bar Association cannot do away with the whiteman's wig, becos judicious deliberation of court cases will be lacking, if the white wisdom is not on their black monkey heads. Defenders.

These brain washed miseducated associated bar, barring traditional leaders from partaking in discussions that affect the country through the misguided constitution, are no less threats to the preservation of Ghanaian identity.

The only thing these members of Colonial Bar Association beat me in is their relentless effort in preservation of the Colonial Appeal, or their dependency college award of alienation certificates. For wisdom, I'll line them up, and whip them one by one! Punching bags.

Ghana Brain Barred Association relies on the constitution that sanctions their own identity; constitution that says: "preservers of your own traditions have no role to play in shaping the destiny of the nation; constitution that bars leaders of the nations' tradition from taking part in deciding what is good for the nation."

Forbidding their own tradition, enabled a stranger from Scotland rule their damaged brains for twenty years.

Our traditional leaders live with their respective tribes. They MUST, at least, have a say in what is happening in their respective regions if not at the national level.

Tony Blair and his MPs kneel down for the Queen to swear them in as ordained by their Monarchical Constitution.

How about Japan? Who occupies the Upper House of their parliament? Is it not their traditional leaders? And Sweden? Is their constitution not Monarchy?

Is there any lawyer, or trained interpreters in these countries to suggest these rulers should have no say in their respective governments?

When at all did whiteman have a traditional leader (before Africans)?

Ghana Boozed Bar Association is now seeing how ignorant and pitiful they are-- how one could be miseducated to shoot his own brain as it has, and is happening to them?

May be if they remove the British white wigs from their heads, and come to look Africans, they will realize their stupidity, and quickly rectify the constitutiton, making it mandatory for our traditional leaders play a role in the government.

No need beating a dead horse. Genocide.

good night

God is the greatest

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