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2008-04-01 06:40:17


Fadama People remind me of another beating, the beating the former vice president Ackah received for refusing to leave a cabinet meeting even though he was then a member of the opposition campaigning against the sitting government. Only in Ghana would Ackah be judged right on this, when as the gentleman he was claimed to be, he should have resigned and left the meeting.

In the year 2000, we campaigned and voted for K4, and the NPP, because we were afraid of a Rawlings dictatorship continuing through Professor Fiifi Mills. That did not mean we voted for K4 without reservations.

The reservations were; 1. His lack of any successful track record either in business, or in his chosen vocation, which is law. Recently, I learnt that he was even sacked as a Kumasi Asante Kotoko executive. If I had known this, I wouldn?t have voted for him no matter what. He couldn?t even manage a football team?!!! 2. In the year 2000 their campaign slogan was ?we have the men?, and I found that particularly scary. Because when we looked around him, the men we found were the type of men we found in authority at the Ghanaian universities in our student days, where in the first year alone, we counted 13 'aluttas'. This was because they were incapable of solving any problem, even when the solutions were staring them in the face, until the students went on ?alutta?. My fear, which has become justified, was that, K4?s government would be incapable of solving problems without ?aluttas?.

That is the moral of the Fadama incident, which is also the cause of the coups that have plagued our nation. To this, we can add the rampant theft, insensitivity, and inefficiency of the leaders, in the presence of mass suffering.

I used to hate everything about the Rawlings government and everything they were doing (I see myself in Kwesi Pratt), but K4?s administration has justified to me everything that JJR did. And right now, they have even justified the violence.

In trying to explain the clash between the NDC and NPP that occurred at Fadama in Accra on Friday the 28th of March, the NPP spokesman for their presidential campaign dr. arthur kennedy had these to say.

?The NDC was a lawless organization?, because they should have called the police to clear a road for them. ?The NPP was a law abiding party?, even though they had parked illegally, and blocked the road. ?The NDC is a violent party?, because its leadership could not stop their supporters from reacting violently to the situation the NPP had created by indiscriminate parking, and without regard to others; blocking the flow of traffic.

The NPP is fond of doing that. Traveling in convoys of 30 or more vehicles all filled up with hangers-by, sycophants, boot-lickers, and praise singers, blocking traffic for ordinary mortals trying hard to scratch a living out of the hell they?ve created, which they call Ghana. It was good they met their match in someone who could confront them and beat them up. More grease to the elbows of Fadama People."They no go sit down" for that kind of sh-t.

How can you park illegally on the road and accuse someone in a road rage as being non-law abiding? Is that the kind of wisdom dr. arthur kennedy learnt in America? The problem with NPP people is that, they?ve all lived abroad before, but seem to have not learnt any sense from their lives abroad.

The man dr. arthur kennedy was a self made man by robbing his nose against JJR until it got bloodied. He intentionally did that just to get newspaper clippings to claim a US stay and scholarship. Now that JJR has got it made for Ghana and there is a gravy train running, he has come back to rob his nose in the gravy train, which he has found to be more lucrative than his medical practice in the US. He should just wait long enough and this time it will not be JJR, or NPP delegates, but ordinary Ghanaians, hardened by hardship, who will bloody his nose for him, real good.

How could he come to contest for a presidential slot only for it to be shut in his face by the man he is now urging on to Ghanaians, who he himself had accused of vote buying, in their presidential primaries? Was it a case of crying ?wolf, wolf, wolf? for nothing, when he warned Ghanaians that if they are not careful, one day, people would use cocaine money to buy the country? Who in the NPP primaries could have been buying votes apart from the Alan who Crashed out because he over did it, and who could have been using cocaine money, apart from the candidate surrounded by fugitives running away from US laws for drug offences?

I know how to spot people without a conscience, who are a waste of everybodies time; the kind of people you should stay away from. 1. They lie. 2. They forget, and 3. They change their mind too easily.


The nincompoop also added that the fact that Akuffo-Addo and his bunch were over 2 hours late for an appointment with a chief imam on a day they claimed they were paying honor to Muslims on the birthday of Mohammed (blessed be his name), was not important. They did not even have the courtesy to call him to indicate they would be late and needed a change in schedule. Are they a bunch of crack-heads or what? Is dr. arthur kennedy sniffing something or he is just a hypocrite.

We?ve had all kinds of elements in Ghanaian politics, but dr. kennedy has just introduced a new one; hypocrisy.
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