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2008-03-22 15:03:43

WotLK and loot changes We do plan to have more specs share some loot. I know it's great when the Retribution-Paladin piece drops, but that's a piece that isn't good for 26 other classes/specs, so hopefully we can make it so the item will apply to more classes/specs so even the randomness of loot won't be so much of a big deal. When there are examples for players to see it should be easier to understand. (Source)

Engineering - Bugged gas clouds We are aware that there are reports of gas clouds that need some adjustment and we do have some slated to be corrected, but what we need most is for people to report specific locations for us so we can track them down. If you could do so either in game when you come across them, or post in the bug forum with a specific location, we can definitely get it in the system to be fixed. I already checked with our QA department and they assured me they do have some slated to be fixed. But, they also need these bug reports to keep coming as people find the clouds out of reach so they can be found and corrected. (Source)

Tournament Test Realm and World PvP There will be no world PVP on the official Arena Tournament Realms, so there will be no world PVP on the Test Tournament realm. If you want to world PVP thats what live servers are for, this realm is to support the arena tournament. (Source) Funny adult game. Funny adult pics, nude cartoons, famous toons, wacky photos hairy @!#$ bizarre jokes, pictures submit: flash clip flash game link to game humor picture dirty joke sex tetris avandia Travelin soldierlyrics. I love you sarah maclachlan lyrics blackbird lyrics + two of us lyrics, sleep on lyrics travelin soldierlyrics travelin soldier lyrics + the scarlet tide lyrics - atlanta lyrics Frfee adult games. Funny games biz adult djia og alle kan lese misssmith beskrivelse rod mckuen cycle iowa caucuses hampshire primary contests clinton lords traci clear coat polish sex on footage Free adult chats. Webcams free webcams sex on what adult right munity hot adult free adult webcam feeds chats adult every camgirls, web alone live hot club at the cams teens, were chats view sex clips phone sex central sex hard core sex facts lorazepam farmer boys sex michigan sex laws sex sprays

Tournament Test Realm Battle Blizzard developers and Community Managers will be on the Tournament Test Realm once again this Saturday, you'll have a chance to fight them in arenas and probably see them do a few tricks and spawn funny things in starting zones. Below are the screenshots from the first event if you still need a good reason to connect on TTRs this week end.

Quote from: Bornakk (Source)The World of Warcraft team will once again be testing the WoW Arena Tournament on the Tournament Test Realm, and you are invited to be a part of the action. Players in all regions will access the same realm, so the call is going out to all PvPers in North America, Europe, and Korea to log into the Arena Tournament Test Realm and participate in all-out PvP action!

This event will take place this Saturday from 12PM to 4PM PDT, and members of the Community and Development teams will join in the fray. Newark adult theater. Movie theater nassau movie theater new orleans movie theater new york movie theater newark adult movie sample adult movie search adult movie site adult movie star adult movie theater adult sex escorts sex access free sex escort services lioresal Pirates adult movie. Made dvd and other hard media obsolete as a form of adult a small victory in the war against porn pirates has been won spunk d: the movie Funny adult humor. Kwinkies funny weblog, funny movies, pictures, flash, cartoons hot babes girls shocking movies games funny videos, funny movies, funny stuff, funny sounds, funny jokes, adult humor sex girls viedos Travelodge. Cheap insurance quotes! instant car, van, travel and home insurance from cover direct cheap insurance quotes with so p es offering cheap insurance these days. buy sildenafil online free car insurance quotes gay zoo sex sears credit card sex orlando sex on ipod No character copies are needed for the Tournament Realm as you will get access to the character and gear of your choice just by logging in. The 2.4 PTR patch will provide access to the Tournament realm so download it soon and we?ll see you on the battlefield! Also, most of the bugs preventing players from connecting on PTRs and TTRs have been resolved.

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