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"I am Thirsty" - Happy Easter!

2008-03-22 13:59:11


My dear borthers and sister, I bid you good evening. It is me your brother-in-Christ, Asase of Har Meggido.

"I am thirsty." These were some of the many words uttered by Jesus Christ before and during his crucifixion. The divine irony of Christ's plea was not lost on me as the many Christians in Accra marked the crucifixion yesterday with church services amid lamentations and outpouring of grief. Such cathartic experiences are good for the soul. At the same time that they mourned the death of Christ, one of the deprivations which he suffered on the cross, thirst or want of water, was being experienced by many Christian residents of Accra. In Jesus's case, he was handed a sponge soaked with vinegar to quench his thirst but he refused.

The Christians of Accra should reflect on this experience of Christ and endure it with the stoicism with which Christ bore his suffering and welcomed his death: the fulfilment of the scriptures.

Tomorrow is easter Sunday and again the many Christians in Accra will clad themselves this time resplendent in beautiful apparel to signify the resurrection of Christ and his conquest of death. He will ascend into heaven where he will sit at the right hand of the father (I get this from the Niscene Creed) and he shall thirst no more. Lamentably, this experience will also be lost on the many Christian residents of Accra that, whilst Jesus conquers thirst, they continue to lack water and they shall thirst forever because they do not do what Jesus did.

For the many Christians who have lived in Accra or in other places in Ghana where they have always had access to pipe borne water, their current experience is a reminder of what the people of Kofi Pare, Kwaboanta, and many other cocoa- growing towns and villages in the Kraboa-Coaltar district have had to endure for decades especially during the harmattan season.

Here too, there is a divine lesson to learn just as Christians are advised to starve themselves as a purge (fasting) to enable them appreciate the suffering of those who hunger and lack food.

After easter, the rains will come in May and June, and there shall be floods, and the lessons of Noah, the Ark and the floods will be remembered and yet again, no lessons will be learnt and they shall continue to be thirsty in the midst of a flood.

Good evening!

[This is an authentic posting from Asase (Registered User)]
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