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Ghanaian Embassay in London

Tell the truth and shame......
2008-03-22 12:54:18

Why do representatives of our beloved country continue to show us up as a backwards people? Is our motto "Ever forwards, never backwards??

I recently visited the Ghanaian embassy which is based in London, on entering the embassy I was not welcomed or greeted by the receptionist who went on to show that her customer service skill were extremely poor when asked how to proceed with renewal of a passport and dual nationality forms.

This was not my first or last visit; I had to go to the embassy a further five times because I had been given (1) incorrect receipt for collection of passport and incorrect date for collection, (2) photographs lost by embassy, (3) incorrect date of birth on new passport, (4) incorrect receipt for collection of dual nationality forms, all before I was able to collect a correctly completed passport.

Imagine that?
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