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2008-03-22 10:54:25

Hi folks, it's your boy. In honor of this easter weekend, I present to you another moment in history when a leader other than Jesus wept. On the 22 nd of march 1965, our osagyefo gave a speech criticizing the US for its policies in Africa. The then US ambassador to Ghana, William P. Mahoney, met with the osagyefo to discuss the anti-US sentiments he made. In a telegraph to the US department of state, Mahoney reported that after criticizing the osagyefo's speech " I looked up and saw he was crying ", our osagyefo explained that there had been 7 attempts on his life in just the past month and that he suspected US involvement. The ambassador went on to report that our osagyefo seems to be " a badly frightened man, whose emotional resources seems to be running out ". 43 years ago today, this was how our osagyefo's day was like. His love for his country was unmatched and cannot be doubted, may he rest in peace.

May all beings be at ease-

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03-22 13:00
Sumanguru Ibn Kante
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