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Oheneba O.T
2008-03-22 08:38:58

Two days after Sept. 11, when rescuers were still sifting through ashes and debris of the Twin Towers, the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, spiritual guru to far-right Republican conservatists mounted a platform at the Club 700. With Pat Robertson, a notorious Svangeli in tow, he enthused that the terrorist bombing was a justifiable act of God. With echoes of the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, he justified it as the punishment for America?s tolerance for Jews, gays, etc. If he?d stuck to these groups as the casus belli for this ?divine massacre? of the innocent Falwell?s rant would?ve cavalierly been dismissed as the effusions of a religious nut. But he also included the federal court system to his list!

Surely, they don?t get more un-American or treasonous than this. And it needs no fertile imagination to surmise that if he were, say, El-Hajj Alamin (aka Rap Brown) he?d have been arrested and held incommunicado at Guantanamo Bay as an accessory to and after the fact, until God himself came down to earth and cleared him of complicity in His ?Twin Tower operation?. But the swift hue and cry it provoked died with a lightning speed after Falwell rendered an apology, no less an insincere than the one he gave after claiming in a previous preaching that the antichrist was a Jew.

In May 2006, guess who went to Pat Robert?s redoubt at the Liberty University! John McCain, Rep. presidential candidate and the man at whose behest Obama?s pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright is being excoriated for blaming America?s wrong-headed foreign policy and historical mistreatment of blacks for 9/11. So why is white America holding the preaching of Rev. Wright ? which was simply a realistic, albeit unpalatable analysis of 9/11 vis a vis U.S. foreign policy ? against Barack Obama, a mere worshipper? So why is Hillary?s new-found friend Rupert Murdoch?s FOX news making political hay of an opinion which is no different from that of Prof. Ward Churchill, and other notable American intellectuals?

We could go on and on about how Rev. Wright?s view on 9/11 was not especially shocking to black folks whose victimization by white America make them more likely to rationalize ? for want of a better word ? such an unmitigated atrocity which affected fellow blacks also. In October 2005 former Education Sec. William Bennett and pillar of the morality lecture circuit suggested that sterilizing blacks could be a crime-fighting measure, but it was illegal. That a whole former U.S. former sec. could single out a race and blame America?s crimes on it ? without empirical evidence -- was disgraceful enough. But using as an analogy a scenario this repugnant against an entire race was beyond the pale, and the preserve of the Third Reich. But Bennett stubbornly refused to apologize but has since not suffered a day of ostracism by white America. Au contraire, he continues to be in high demand on the lecture (and gambling) circuit.

This came as no surprise to anyone who knows about American public opinion?s historically forgiving nature when it comes to the gaffes and offences of whites, and its paradoxically unforgiving stance when the offender happens to be black. That is why McCain hasn?t been asked to make either a posthumous denunciation of Falwell or apologize for going to his Liberty Univ. in 2006. It?s why Pat Robertson is not reviled. It?s why Bill Bennett is still a ?respectable man?. It is why Haley Barbour, Ralph Reed and other Rep. greats who?ve insulted blacks are still held in high esteem. And it?s also why OBAMA was wrong ? dead wrong -- for apologizing for Rev, Wright?s preaching. OBAMA must denounce Frederick Douglass, Denmark Vessey, WEB Du Bois and even Martin Luther King Jr. To a man these guys? speeches and stance make them ?anti-American?. So why not?

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