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Efo Amegah Le
2008-03-22 08:35:49

?It was during these years that the Anlos began calling the people they were helping not Ashantis but MIATOWO, meaning 'OUR PEOPLE'. Many Anlos still do.?

So, SECKAGO, what will your ancestors think when they see your writings? As much as I know, and Anlo refering to anyone as ?miatowo? is even more powerful than the English translation.

Anyway can you enlighten me on the war the Asantes waged on the Ewe-Dome peoples. Why will the Anlo help the Asantes against their Ewe brothers and sisters? Also, why did the Anlos refuse to help the Asantes against the Ada? The Asantes are said to have never forgiven the Anlos for that.

Does anyone also know of a war between the Asantes and either the Kwahu, Akwapim, or Akwamu, where the later was said to have sent for help from the Fon of Dahume/Dahomey, but, unfortunately, before there arrival, the war was virtually over.

[This is an authentic posting from Efo Amegah Le (Registered User)]
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