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2008-03-17 19:40:05

The newly-formed Reformed Patriotic Democrats, a breakaway party from the NPP, has said it would go into alliance with any other party, EXCEPT the NPP.

That means, the RPD would feel more comfortable doing business with the NDC than it would, the NPP.

That begs the question: if Akuffo Addo & Co. have been bombarding our ears with a so-called NPP success story, how come this child of theirs refuses to call them Mama or Papa?

Or, is it the case that Akuffo Addo's success is different from that of the average Ghanaian? Methink so.

Lest one attempts to draw a correlation between this case and Obed Asamoah's DFP (Dead, Forgotten Party), let it be known that Obed (and a few other renegades) broke away from the NDC 'cos they contested for positions and lost.

Red is not Green!


The Reformed Patriotic Democrats (RPD) says it will not go into alliance with the New Patriotic Party in the event of a second round during this year?s polls.

Speaking to Joy News, the interim General Secretary of the party, Kwame Manu Sarpong said, the NPP had lost its focus on engaging the full potential of the youth towards national development.

According to him, his party broke off from the NPP because of this lack of focus adding it was very unlikely that the party?s position will change before election.

Mr Sarpong said the RPD will go into alliance with any other party which shared its vision of youth empowerment in the unlikely event it fell out of the first and second places in the elections.


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