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How conservative or liberal are you?

2008-03-17 14:57:20

1. Generally, do you tend to trust or distrust government's ability to solve problems?

a)Trust b)Distrust

2. Which do you trust more:

a) Osu castle b) Ghana post c) The parliament d) The media e) Ghana police f) The ghana army

3. What about private institutions and people? Which do you trust more?

a) Lawyers b) Doctors c) Union leaders d) Business executives? e)Professional athletes or f) Team owners?

4. The government should do more to solve the nation's problems even if it means higher taxes on (pick as many as you want.):

a)You b)Big corporations c)The wealthy d)The Middle Class e)Small Businesses f)None

5. Where should government be cut? (pick as many as you want.)

a)Eliminate farm subsidies b)Abolish public broadcasting c)Cut entitlement programs (Social Security, Medicaid, etc.) d)Reduce welfare spending e)Cut taxes f)Don't cut at all

6. Which would do more to guarantee competitive elections?

a)Term limits b)Public Financing

7. Who was a better president?

a) Kwame Nkrumah b) Hilla Limann c) Jerry Rawlings d) J. A Kufuor (considering the past 6yrs)

8. Which would curb violent crime most?

a)Stricter controls on the sale of guns b)Mandatory sentences for those who use guns in the commission of a crime Both c) imposition of a country wide curfew

9. In the long run, do you think we can reduce crime more by building more prisons or providing more financial assistance to rebuilding our inner cities?

a)Build prisons b)Rebuild cities c)Both

10. The news media is dominated by liberals. a) agree b) disagree

11. Radio shows should be regulated to ensure both sides of a debate are represented, because talk radio has an unhealthy impact on the political process.

a) agree b) disagree

12. The breakdown of the traditional family is the most serious domestic crisis facing our society.

a) agree b) disagree

13. Certain environmental problems call for government action, even if it means new programs or increased taxes.

a) agree b) disagree c) what are they? (can you mention any?)
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