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Oheneba O.T
2008-03-17 13:48:46

It gives me no pleasure to tell anyone ?I told you so?. That?s why I find revisiting my admonition to my friends about the dangers of naively assuming ? since the meteoric rise of OBAMA ? that we?re in a post-race era to be an unpleasant chore. Isn?t it ironic that the wife of the man black folks nostalgically refer to as ?the first black president? is subjecting a black presidential candidate to a smear campaign so vile a rightwing Republican operative would hesitate before getting involved in it? If you think the Clinton's have nothing to do with these virulent rumors ask yourself FOX -- Hillary's new-found friend's TV station --- is giving these rumors maximum play time.

America hasn?t changed much since the Republicans used Willie Horton to torpedo Dukakis? presidential bid. The only thing that?s changed is the white folks who?re now using a black man to win power, and the racist code words they?ve finessed and are insidiously employing. Barack Obama is too clean (a description used by another white liberal) and too educated. So insinuating that he?s the acolyte of a black separatist pastor would do.

And in his desire to be liked by the same white folks who?re trying to bring him down, OBAMA is denying and denouncing his pastor and every black man white folks will tell him that they?re un-American. His is a Sisyphean task, I?m afraid. The more he denies those vile rumors, the more they?ll manufacture and throw more at him until one of them sticks.

Mark my word, folks, the worst is yet to come!

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